German VR makes virtual reality applications.

We develop virtual worlds for such devices:


Oculus Rift on Table

But what is this Virtual Reality (VR) ?

It’s difficult to explain it in words. Actualy you must see it – with your own eyes.

But let us show you how you can use it:

If you build something you can make a picture or visualize it in 3D,

But why not actualy sit in front of your product?


German VR offers applications for  product presentations in a virtual world. From cars to architectural design you can use virtual reality to get your customers into your product. They will be able to see it like it would be real.

Especially visually oriented product will for sure find their way into VR. You can do that on stationary computer desks in your store or distribute a VR smartphone application.

German VR is your technological partner for all kind of VR marketing and VR app developement.


You can configure your perfect personal car with our application

Download our current BMW 7 series demo

Go to download

…or more spacious vehicles…

German VR’s Configurator application is ready for visualizing any kind of vehicle. Started as a car configurator the use case expands to ships, airplanes, yachts.

We visualize highly complex or personalized products for virtual worlds. Whether for production purposes or in sales and marketing – bringing your products to virtual reality gets them to a completely new dimension. Your customers and stakeholders will be excited to see your products in a (virtual) real environment before or after you build them.


And don’t forget. We are not talking about 3D-visualization or render images. VR is a completely immersive experience. You can really walk on your yacht.